Kirsten Boehmer

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Kirsten Boehmer

I’m in the middle of a rebrand at the moment, broadening my focus from strictly photography, to include other forms of expression – so bear with me along the journey please, until I get my website to reflect this new direction.

I’ve been a professional photographer for 9 years. I love photographing people. Landscapes and whatnot are great, but for me personally, I think a photo is missing something without a human in there.

I appreciate genuine people with good intentions, kindness, and not filling every moment with conversation. I like things that are real – like stone and wood and a rainbow appearing in my kitchen from a crystal in the window. I like bare feet on moss and the sound of bamboo wind chimes. I make a ritual of coffee and Cuban music on weekend mornings.  I love light and the earth and the sea and a well-timed “that’s what she said” joke.

Rollerskating is my current obsession and I spend almost all of my free time in skate parks with my crew @cibwilmington. I’m also a retired roller derby blocker and recruit coach for the Cape Fear Roller Girls.  Starting that adventure truly changed my life.

I love capturing an image that makes my heart skip a beat, and I love putting on an 80’s movie and pushing paint around on a canvas all afternoon in my studio. I love the feel of a tool cutting through a slab of clay, or the sizzle when the soldering gun hits the lead while losing the world and at the same time finding myself in art.

So if you’re still reading this, that’s a little about me. Right now, I’m re-learning who I am as an artist by going back to the pure things that inspire me. I am still doing photography – But I’m also web and graphic designing, painting, throwing pottery, exploring stained glass, and a whole lot of things that I hope will lead me in a new creative direction.

I live in Wilmington, NC in a house that I still can’t believe is mine, with a minipipe in the backyard, and a husband who still makes me laugh after 20 years.

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